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Petre Nikoloski
Saturday 21 August – Sunday 19 September 2010

East Kilbride Arts Centre is currently showing the work of Petre Nikoloski who has an extensive international career.

In experiencing his work we are immediately activating our sensory instincts of smell, touch, sight, which allow us to interpret and imagine an individual response. The titles of the work however may lead us into an area of both tranquil familiarities: ‘house’ / ‘aerial view’ contrasted by experiences most of us can only imagine or visualise through media footage: ‘urban chaos’ / ‘tsunami’. These contrasts are accentuated by the construction techniques of the work which are layered and punctuated; the artist exploring sculptural space and form through familiar and unfamiliar techniques. The colour patina is also strangely familiar yet completely unusual.

There is no formalization of the gallery space in familiar layout; the artist signature style being directed and instructed to create an installation which is integrally supported by a DVD documentary

About Artist
Petre Nikoloski's visit by SATV
φ21°33', λ41°21'
φ18°27', λ43°53'

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