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Technical coordinator:

Dusan Toholj, Born 1932 in Capljini, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Since 1936 livs in Sarajevo. He graduated from Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences in Sarajevo and worked as a ticher, curator in Zemaljski Museum B&H and as a librarian in the Nacional and University Library B&H.
Since 1984 he is on charge of The International Centre for Peace.

Technical coordinator:

Ira Skopljak, born in Sarajevo, 1987. Graduated 2005 from the School of Applied Art, Sarajevo, Textile Design, studied with the professor Nadje Haljevac.
At present she is completing finale exam at the Faculty of Fine Art, Sarajevo University, teaching degree, with the professor Radoslava Tadic.
She took part on several group exhibitions, one solo show and participate in international residences

Technical coordinator:

Nelisa Bazdar, born in Sarajevo1986, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
At present she is completing the finale year at the Faculty of Fine Art, Sarajevo University, Teaching Degree and Graphics Design with the professor Halil Tikvesa.
She took part on a several group exhibitions. For the last fore years she works for the Sarajevo Winter Festival on facilitating art projects, performances and children workshops.
Recently she become member and take part as artist in residency program MLAZ in Pocitelj.


Dragana Antonic, born in Sarajevo 1981, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Graduated 2006, Graphic Design from the Academy of Fine Arts, Sarajevo University, since when she works as an assistant on photography department at same university. At present she studies for the masters degree at the same department.
She is exhibiting at home and abroad.

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Website coordinator:

Dejan Brsakoski, born in Prilep, 1981. Graduated 2003 from the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (Computer Science), at St Neophit Rilski University, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria. In 2006 acquired Master degree in Computer science at the same Faculty.
Engaged in a number of projects including implementation of distance learning systems, e-marketing, web-promotion, web software usability, creation and implementation of independent applicative solutions, etc.

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