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Scientific coordinator:

Jasmina Arnautovic, graduated 2002 from the Faculty of Interdisciplinary studies of environmental engineering, St's Cyril and Methodius University - Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. Active participation at several ecology workshops and seminars, e.g.:

  • "Selection and manipulation of medicine waste", organized by BANA (Balkan Environment Association),
  • "Renewable energy sources", organized by Energy Club from Hungary,
  • "Methods and techniques for measuring the emission and immission of exhaust gases", REK Bitola, Macedonia.- Member of the non-government organization ECO CONSCIOUSNESS.
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Technical coordinator:

Ilija A. Barleski, graphic designer.
Graphic design studio “BARLE” – Prilep, Makedonija

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tel.: +38975633041

Sound documentation:

Kornelija Bukleska, journalist, editor and host of radio program on culture and art on national Macedonian Radio channel.
Her engagement in informative journalism and cooperation with print media for more than 20 years includes thousands interviews with persons who left deep traces in various fields of art (painters, graphic artists, sculptors, archaeologists, architects, restaurators, conservators, musicians, writers, poets, critics, art historians....).
She chose interview as the most suitable form to escape any subjectivity in experiencing the individual esthetic systems and in the same time as a pursuit for esthetics in visual arts and all its manifestations existing under the same sky of beauty, time and space.
Giving to her listeners the possibility for their personal judgment of the values, she made Macedonian Radio a bridge between the creative notions (projects) and the public - those from the other side, a place for dialogue based upon respect for everything that has been created.

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Translation and proofreading:

Snezana Magdeska-Mitoska, born in Prilep, 1956. Graduated 1978 from the Faculty of English Language and Literaure, St's Cyril and Methodius University - Skopje.
Authorized Court interpreter of English and Proofreader for Macedonian.
Wide experience in translation of texts from various fields of science and art, translations for literature journals (Kulturen Zivot, Sovremenost, Stremez), cooperation with Kultura Publishing House, etc.
Works as translator and proofreader in Tobacco Institute-Prilep.

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Website coordinator:

Dejan Brsakoski, born in Prilep, 1981. Graduated 2003 from the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (Computer Science), at St Neophit Rilski University, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria. In 2006 acquired Master degree in Computer science at the same Faculty.
Engaged in a number of projects including implementation of distance learning systems, e-marketing, web-promotion, web software usability, creation and implementation of independent applicative solutions, etc.

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Technical coordinator:

Vlado Dimoski, since 1993 he has been engaged in technical support, framing, packing and transport of art and museum works and setting up exhibitions.
His experience includes cooperation with the Museum of Macedonia, The Museum of Skopje and The Museum of Contemporary Arts in Skopje. He participated in setting up the works of Petre Nikoloski at The Venice Bienalle 1993.

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Technical coordinator:

Ace Dimoski, Macedonian by birth, born in Prilep 1955.
Graduated from Faculty of Economics, St.Ciril and Metodia University at Skopje.Currently he is organising some of the publication of the periodical - Ecology Informer as part of this multimedia project „ φ21°33', λ41°21' “
He was the producer of TV film, titled "They don't exactly drink tea on the Balkans"
This film was shown and atracts cosiderable atention on the Film Festivals in Montre - Svicerland, Montreal and Toronto - Kanada, Berlin - Germany and was awarded with the second price in Plovdiv - Bulgaria.
For the past several mandates he helds position of deputy General Secretary of The Macedonian Congress.

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